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Good Reasons to Rent Office Space by the Hour for Your Business

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners have opted to not renew their leases in favor of working from home or downsizing. Many others simply have no need for permanent office space. However, some of the advantages and liberties of having a physical office are lost in translation when they are taken away. Often, the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution to this dilemma is to simply rent office space by the hour.

Below are a few of our favorite reasons businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from renting office space by the hour.

Professional setting

Although a few of our favorite corporate giants got their start in garages and spare rooms, sharing a workspace with your mother’s garden trowel isn’t always the best look. Not only is an office or meeting space great for professional conferences, interviews, and events, they are also great places to simply take a day to sort through all of your clerical work in a clean, modern, and professional environment.

More Space

Especially during external meetings, seats in a small office can quickly fill up. A simple solution is to rent office space by the hour in order to accommodate extra guests and additional employees.

Property managers such as Office Suites of Darien offer meeting and conference rooms that are available to rent by the hour so you have some extra workspace when you need it.


As they say in real estate, ‘location, location, location.’ Making yourself accessible can make or break a business. Being in the right location at the right time can make it easier for both clients and employees to meet and be productive when doing so.

When you rent office space by the hour it opens up opportunities to plant your business in an advantageous area without long-term contracts and truly committing yourself to a location.

Office space rental providers such as Office Suites of Darien can easily make you accessible to the surrounding metropolitan and residential areas and allow you to quickly reach and be reached by customers.

Conveniently located only a few blocks from Interstate 95 and the Metro-North Railroad Station in Darien, Office Suites of Darien can give you and your clients easy access to your business, as well as the many restaurants, fitness centers, and local shops around beautiful downtown Darien.


When you rent office space by the hour, you are only required to pay for what you need. Instead of entering into a long-term lease contract for private offices, you can reserve meeting rooms and hourly offices, and quickly transition to a professional setting at your discretion.

Instead of solutions such as co-working spaces, hot desks, or everyone’s favorite facet of COVID-19 life; virtual meetings, by renting office space by the hour you gain access to a full flight of amenities that are often not provided by these solutions.

Private office spaces, event spaces, and conference rooms equipped with high-speed internet, conference phones, and HD displays can be accessed for costs that far exceed the cost per person per month of equivalent alternatives with the same features and access.

Short-term rentals will also free up working capital by not tying you down with a long-term lease. For those that have found remote work optimal for their business, you can easily rent office space by the hour and only access it when you need it while still keeping the advantages of a home base.

Less Paperwork

When you own or lease an office space, you are responsible for a mountain of paperwork. From taxes to insurance, it can be a painfully confusing and tedious task to get everything in order. When you decide to rent office space by the hour, we handle everything.

Office Suites of Darien handles all of the cleaning, furnishing, utilities, and accessibility of our office spaces to ensure that you have the most convenience in accessing and taking advantage of our services.

If you would like to learn more about renting office space by the hour, or if you are looking to book a space for your next meeting or productive workday, do not hesitate to give Office Suites of Darien a call today at (203) 655-2603.

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