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Here’s Why You Should Rent Meeting Rooms in Darien

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With more than half of Connecticut’s residents fully vaccinated, many business owners are continuing with in-person affairs. So now is the perfect time to consider renting meeting rooms in Darien.

Office Suites of Darien can supply a wide range of needs for local business owners. There are rooms that can be used for appointments with clients or to conduct staff meetings. Meeting rooms in Darien provide an opportunity for employees to meet one another and mingle after working virtually for an extended period.

Even if your business is already back in person, it can help employees to have a break from the monotony of office work. A new setting away from the office could give employees a new creative headspace to track down a new client or come up with a fresh, innovative idea. With multiple cafes and restaurants less than a 10-minute walk, your employees will be happy to have a chance to relax.

We can accommodate different sizes of companies with private offices as well as meeting spaces. We offer a training room that can seat as many as 24 people, complete with a television and glass whiteboard. There is also a conference room that seats 10 people with the same amenities, as well as a smaller, more intimate meeting room that seats 2 to 6 people.

Our front desk staff is also ready to assist in any way as they manage meeting rooms in Darien and greet and direct new visitors. There is also the option of adding an administrative or secretarial service with your office space/meeting room to better facilitate your business needs.

We provide all the necessities to keep your business at its best such as printers, paper shredders, office supplies, and complimentary coffee and tea in our community kitchen. Additionally, our kitchen contains an oven and microwave so clients can quickly heat up any food.

We also provide 400 megabyte-per-second internet so you can stay on task and avoid any interruptions. There is no need to struggle with finding everything in a home office because with our meeting rooms in Darien, you have what you need right at your fingertips.

However, that is not to say the pandemic is over. With the major switch to a remote working environment, many employers are finding that employees tend to prefer technology-enabled meetings over face-to-face meetings because of the increased time and money that is saved.

There is no need to find daycare or hire a sitter when clients are working remotely. There is also a better chance to multi-task assignments and increase productivity. The lack of overhead needed on a lease of a physical business is also beneficial to business owners. We can accommodate these needs with our virtual office spaces!

Our virtual workplace provides you with a phone number and mail handling alongside the usual video conferencing services and use of a meeting room. Keep your work and home life free from distractions with our virtual offices!

Whatever your requirements, Office Suites of Darien is here to help!

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