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Executive Suites: Stay Connected, Save Money

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You’re self-employed and want to stay connected to a workplace. You don’t want the overhead expenses and full-time commitment. It always seems mandatory when renting or leasing a traditional office space or executive suites. You’ve considered working at home. But! You fear that domestic duties and loneliness will be a distraction and lead to a lack of productivity.

For the small entrepreneur, there’s an option that will keep your expenses down and give you the networking opportunities and community atmosphere that come with working in a medium to large office.

Welcome to the Office Suites of Darien!

Here, our executive suites cater to the millennials who are becoming entrepreneurs and flooding the professional world. In the last 10 years alone, co-working or shared office space locations in the U.S. grew by more than 10,000. Projections indicate there could soon be as many as 30,000 co-working or shared executive suites being used in locations nationwide. Of course, with COVID-19 still affecting many regions of the country, it’s hard to estimate how much the health crisis will change those projections.

What is attracting the new professionals to rent an office space in many regions of the country? The answer appears to be two-fold. Shared executive suites provide small business owners the flexibility to interact and network with other professionals in an office environment without the hassle of committing to a long-term lease that includes paying for utilities, cleaning and office furniture and supplies.

Here are some other reasons shared executive suites are more appealing to younger professionals who are less likely to rent an office space on a full-time basis.

Easier on the wallet:

The option to buy, lease, or rent an office space can be a significant early expense. First and last month rent, security deposits and other expenses can take a big bite out of a budget. Shared spaces are like gym memberships. Pay by the month, pay a little extra for amenities if you want. When it’s time to move on, provide a 30-day notice and start anew somewhere else.

Just say no to commitment:

With shared executive suites, furniture, cleaning, Wi-Fi and utility costs are all paid for by the building’s owner. No early-morning vacuuming to get the office ready for an important meeting. We take care of all of those additional expenses. All you need to do is show up and work!

Stay young, think young:

Shared or co-working offices are popping up in large, urban areas where young professionals want to live. A single, shared office space could have hundreds of people occupying a location at any one time. That’s a perfect environment for networking and socializing with professionals who think about business the same as you.

Easy in, easy out:

With no long-term commitment, should your new business not work out or you get a better offer from another employer, you can leave a shared space quickly. That fits the model of the rapid-fire world of tech start-ups. Set up quickly and move on even quicker if the business environment changes.

Give Office Suites of Darien a call today at 203.655.2603 to inquire about available shared executive suites. Office Suites of Darien is located in downtown Darien, CT and is within walking distance of a Metro-North Railroad station and close to Interstate 95. You can also visit us on-line at

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