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Four Benefits of A Private Office For Rent

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Although working from home offers a certain level of flexibility and freedom, nothing beats the advantages of working in a private office space. A private office for rent is a cost-effective workspace solution that gives you access to shared conference rooms, internet access, and other common areas, without the sounds of your dog barking in the background. At Office Suites of Darien, you’ll even have access to an administrative team that can help you with all your organizational or secretarial needs for a small hourly fee.

Although the benefits of working in our office space speak for themselves, we’d like to share four advantages to renting a private office that may motivate you to finally make that much-needed change:

Saving on Overhead Costs

When you lease or buy an office space, the costs of printers, projectors, fax machines, boardrooms, television, and even the water cooler can add up quickly. And aside from the initial purchase price, you also must budget for the maintenance of the office equipment and the potential need for repairs.

With a private office for rent, you’ll have access to all the standard equipment necessary for a fully functioning office space, like printers, fax machines, conference rooms, and even shared kitchen space. We find that entrepreneurs and businessmen and women work best when they’re less burdened by the financial concerns of leasing an office space.

Rent As You Need

A traditional office lease can cost you thousands of dollars every month and may leave you contractually stuck if a better or more affordable option comes along. And not everyone needs an office space every day out of the month they’re leasing it, so why not rent with more flexibility? Whether you need it for an hour, a day, or a week, at Office Suites of Darien we can accommodate all types of schedules.

If you’re building a start-up company, you may one day want to expand or relocate. Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to break a lease or waste money on a place you don’t use that much!

More Privacy

Privacy is one of the more obvious advantages of renting a private office space. If you’re dealing with delicate issues such as legal, human resources, or finances, you’ll want a space that is secluded and without background noise or home office eavesdroppers. With a private office for rent, your calls will be less distracting to those around you, and you can have a more confidential conversation.

Along with privacy, experts estimate that 58% of high-performing employees prefer a quieter workspace. With a private office, you’ll be able to have greater control over sounds and distractions.

Boost Individual Productivity

Employees and CEOs alike are more productive throughout the workday when there are fewer interruptions. Tasks can be completed more quickly and with higher quality, and you can focus on your responsibilities. With your own private office, you set the rules.

On top of your individual office space, and boosting your productivity, our administrative team is here to assist you in your organizational responsibilities so that you can focus on the important tasks. Entrepreneurs have the tendency to multitask, but experts warn that there can be negative consequences to multitasking like decreased focus, increased stress, limited creativity and even memory loss. So, leave the secretarial duties to us for a low hourly rate!

If you are looking for a private office space for rent, visit our website or give us a call at (203)655-2603. Our team at Office Suites of Darien is happy to answer all your questions and even give you a tour of the office spaces that are available! With private office space, you can finally get out of the house and enter a productive environment, distraction-free.

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